X S 4 H u m a n s O n l y

Web security starts with a secure login-system

The major web security vulnerability is the first entrance, the login.

Despite this, CMS providers offer a poor login system and leave it to the end-users to protect their website against bots. This means that hundreds of millions of end-users are supposed to be skilled enough to do this, whereas they had chosen for a CMS because of their lack of skill.


If the most popular CMS providers (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento) would spend one hour in including XS4HumansOnly in their -PHP based- package, the web world would be protected against password guessing bots in one blow

Proven technology

The communication between Server and Bot is a code-to-code connection.

If a bot does not encounter a FORM tag after his GET-request, he does not send a POST-request

The quintessence of XS4HumansOnly is: